Our Story

In 1994, Amy Barzach was playing with her two sons when she noticed a little girl in a wheelchair, crying, unable to join in because the playground wasn’t accessible to her.

The next year, when a disability changed the way her own child, Jonathan, could play, Amy remembered that little girl and, with her husband Peter and other son Daniel, decided to build an inclusive playground to honor him and called it Jonathan's Dream.

Jonathan's Dream opened in 1996 after a massive community build on the campus of the Mandell Jewish Community Center (JCC) in West Hartford, CT.  The structures were assembled by hand and were made primarily out of wood. 

Jonathan's Dream quickly became a mecca for children of all abilities.  At its peak, Jonathan's Dream saw carloads of children arriving through its rainbow entrance to an expansive, imaginative playscape.  

Time magazine wrote an article about Jonathan's Dream and soon hundreds of requests poured in from individuals, organizations, schools, and nonprofits interested in creating an inclusive playground for their own communities. Amy went on to found Boundless Playgrounds, a nonprofit that has since built over 200 accessible playgrounds in the U.S. and Canada. 

Sadly, weather and heavy use eventually took its toll on Jonathan's Dream. It was closed due to safety concerns in the spring of 2013.

The JCC and the Barzach family were not deterred.  They planned to modernize the playground and reached out to the community for help. One of the first people to say "yes" was Ronit Shoham, the person involved with many of the amazing things that happen in West Hartford including West Hartford Little League and the Miracle Field. Then, iNovember 2013, Leadership Greater Hartford (LGH), a community oriented non-profit with a focus on developing, connecting and inspiring diverse leaders to build strong and vibrant communities, convened a task force of alumni from its Quest and Third Age Initiative programs to reimagine the playground.

Please join us on this journey of accessible, active play. The reimagined design, generously donated by Shane's Inspiration, will feature equipment that requires children to be physically engaged in the areas of strength, endurance, and flexibility... and of course, it will be inclusive.