Monday, June 6, 2016

A Celebrate West Hartford Thank You!

A message from Sue Israel: 
Hello all: I want to thank everyone who participated in Celebrate West Hartfotrd to get the word out about the new playground that we hope will be built next spring. We spoke with many people over the last 2 days and all were exciting to learn that we are reaching our fundraising goal. We spoke with young people who remembered playing there as well as parents and grandparents who brought their children and "grands" there to play. We made a little money but not enough to cover the balance, but we all had fun talking with people about Jonathan's Dream Re-Imagined. 

I want to thank those who gave of their time over the week-end, especially those who participated in the rain on Sunday. They include: 
Aliha Fine; Jocelyn Raub, Tom Falik & daughter, Andre Santiago & friend, Michael Barzach & friends -Josh and Callahan, and Amy Barzach I do not have my list so I hope I thanked everybody! 

Thanks again. 

Sue Israel